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Water Wise drip irrigation system that saves money...

Porous Pipe is simply the most effective, eco-friendly irrigation system of its type. Made from recycled vehicle tyres, it delivers gentle and precise watering to all areas of your garden or nursery: flower borders, trees and shrubs, fruits and vegetables, green houses and cloches, etc, etc.

What's more, it uses up to 70% less water than conventional watering and irrigation methods.

It's ecomonical and easy to install, run and maintain. There are no sprinkler heads to become clogged and no tubes that will block.

It can be installed above ground or below mulch. It can run along a line of trees and plants in a nursery or garden.

With Porous there is no waste - it minimises loss of water to evaporation from the sun and wind.

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Summary: Porpous Pipe Irrigation System | Eco-friendly and good for the environment and your pocket
Minimises loss of water to evaporation | Uses up to 70% less water | Contact us for the full facts